Friday, June 8, 2007

Recreating Canada: Festschriftkonference in Honor of Paul Weiler

Front row, seated, left to right: Anthony D. Scott (1983-83); Randall Morck (2005); Paul Weiler (1978-81); Florrie Darwin; John Courtney (1990-91).

Back row, left to right: Helen Clayton (Canada Program); John Helliwell (1991-94); Joy Parr (1998-99); Albert Breton (1969-70); Kerry Rittich (fall, 2004); Richard Johnston (1994-95); Pierre Martin (1999-2000); Harry Arthurs; Alan Cairns (1982-83); and Thomas Axworthy (1985-86).

Present but not pictured: Laurier Turgeon (spring 2006).

The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs' Canada Program sponsored a Festschriftkonference in honor of Paul Weiler in November of 2006. The theme was 'Recreating Canada'. More information is available via the Weatherhead Center's electronic newsletter 'Masterpiece'.

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